Andy Fleishman



Leda Dreaming of Zeus 1981  5”x12.5”

Dreamer 1982  26”x12”x4”

Quiet Place 1982  50”x23.5”x4”

Homage To Our Ancestors 1982 aprox 13” high

Waking From Dreams 1983  25”x25”x22”

Underseascape 1981 aprox 12” wide

In The Beginning 1981  7”x4”

Paraderailie 1983 36”14”x4”

Moment 1982  45”30”x4”

A Moment With Friends 1982  44.5” high x 41” diam.

Memorial To The Moon Raising Her Children (folded)

Memorial To The Moon Raising Her Children 1982 28” high x 48 in. diam.

Homage To Our Ancestors

Waking From  Dreams


St. Luenza on the Bridge 1982  36”

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