Andy Fleishman



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B & W Table detail

B & W Table Top 36 X 36

B & W Table concrete steel

Maze Table Top, concrete 32 X 32

Table Top concretee 48” long

Table Top  concrete 18"

Green Bench 2001 concrete 25”x17”x17”

Three Legged Bench 66”x32”x19.5”

Cafe Set concrete 1994

Fountain 1987

Sink concrete tile 1979

Living Room 1990 sponsered by NEA

Rebar Chair 1995 35” high x32”x43”

Rebar Chair 1995

Leaf Spring Chair 1995

Face Chair 1995 36.5”x38”

Elephant Chair 1980  51.5” high 

Table Top  concrete 18"

Living Room detail

Spring Bench

Oak Chair 1980  47” high

Below is work I made in Nova Scotia in 1977

Cherry wood chest of drawers

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Cherry wood and blue velvet camera

Child’s rocker


Photobench 2011 48”x40.5”high

Cherry wood chest of drawers

Cherry wood chest of drawers  detail

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Love Seat 1995  50” high x 51” x 34”

Face Bench

Face Bench 71”x25”x45” high