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Links to instructions to each of the three lines below

Link to a video below, installers should watch for surface grouting demonstration

Link to video installation instructions for surface grouted Andy Fleishman Tiles

Scroll down for links to printed and video instructions.

I developed the concepts and designs for each of the three lines of the concrete tiles, carved each design, developed fabrication methods, and produced them for fourteen years in my N.C. studio.

Production is now handled by a well trained and enthusiastic staff, hired and trained by Katie Lucier.    Katie designed and built a new production facility in N.C. for creating the tiles.  The quality and consistency of the tiles she creates are more than I could have hoped for.  Each tile requires a great deal of highly skilled handwork, so each individual tile, while contributing to the overall pattern, still expresses a certain individuality.  

Photographs of completed projects are surprisingly hard to come by.  We would greatly appreciate architects, designers, contractors, commercial project managers/owners, and home owners sending us photographs.

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