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Using in the Shower

The tiles have been used in showers over the years.  They are simply high quality dense concrete, so anything that is appropriate for concrete is ok.  I rely on experienced contractors to install the tiles in a standard and appropriate way for each situation.  The sealer, penetrating vs topical, should be carefully considered, including coefficient of friction on wet tiles.  The tiles will age in the shower as any natural material would.  If change over time is not acceptable, glazed ceramic tile would be a better choice.

Using Outdoors

Our recommendation is to use the tiles outside only in areas that do not freeze, or are protected from the rain.  If used where it freezes engineering tests results say it is ok if you seal all around, including the sides and bottom, but this is at your own risk.  Also keep in mind that on the East Coast we get acid rain from coal burning electric plants in the Midwest that prematurely etches the surface of any concrete, so protecting the surface by sealing is important, including considering coefficient of friction on wet tiles. 

Ask Other Questions

Most other questions are covered in the instructions and video.  We would like to expand this section, if you have more questions or suggestions or recommendations please email.


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